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The core curriculum is composed of a course each semester (typically 12 ECTS credits each and at least 144 classroom contact hours). These will cover different fields of study in the Architectural Urbanism and Design Course, with themes that focus on Portugal, the larger Portuguese-speaking world, the European Union or Lisbon itself.

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1st week

4th june (monday)
Presentation and Introduction

5th june (tuesday)
History of Art · From the Pombaline Style to the Begining of the 20th century
Maria Calado (President of ‘Centro Nacional da Cultura’)
Paulo Pereira (from IPAR)
FIELD TRIP: Guided tour of the Pombaline style starting at the ‘Elevador de Santa Justa’ and the Pombaline Downtown

6th june (wednesday)
Theory of Urban Rehabilitation in Lisbon
Jorge Bastos
FIELD TRIP: ‘Palácio Fronteira’

7th june (thursday)
Contemporary Architecture 1: Beginning of the 20th century to 1948
Michel Toussaint
FIELD TRIP: ‘Instituto Superior Técnico’, National Statistics Institute and ‘Casa da Moeda’

8th june (friday)
Urban Sketching
Pedro George

2nd week

11th june (monday)
Contemporary Architecture 2: 1948 to the Beginning of the 21st century
José Manuel Fernandes
FIELD TRIP: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Four Seasons Hotel, Ritz Hotel

12th june (tuesday)
Contemporary Architecture 3
with Manuel Aires Mateus
FIELD TRIP: EDP Head Office and MAAT

13th june (wednesday)
Holiday in Lisbon
FIELD TRIP: The Monumental Quarter of Lisbon (Jerónimos Monastry, Belém Tower, ‘Padrão dos Descobrimentos’

14th june (thursday)
Contemporary Product Design 1
Rui Marcelino
FIELD TRIP: MUDE (factories and atelier)

15th june (friday)
Contemporary Architecture 4
Nuno Mateus
FIELD TRIP: Coach Museum, Electricity Museum (New EDP Museum) and
Champalimaud Foundation

3rd week

17th june (sunday)
Mafra (Visit to the Convent)
Paulo Pereira (from IPAR)
FIELD TRIP: Sleep in ‘Bom Sucesso Resort’

18th june (monday)
Óbidos (Visit to the Medieval Castle)
FIELD TRIP: Óbidos’ Technological Park, with Jorge Mealha

19th june (tuesday)
Digital Tools in Architecture
Luís Mateus
João Pernão
Computation Applied to Architecture
José Pinto Duarte

20th june (wednesday)
Contemporary Fashion Design 1
Mário Mátos Ribeiro
Gianni Montagna

21st june (thursday)
Contemporary Graphic Design 1
João Brandão

22nd june (friday)
Contemporary Architecture 5
João Luís Carrilho da Graça
FIELD TRIP: The New Cruises Terminal and ‘São Jorge’ Castle, with João Luís Carrilho da Graça

23rd  and 24th  june (saturday and sunday)
FIELD TRIP: Visit to the city and ‘Bairro da Malagueira’ + Cathedral and ‘Praça do Giraldo’

4th week

25th june (monday)
Landscape Architecture
Leonel Fadigas
FIELD TRIP: Lisbon’s Green Corridor, with Jorge Cancela

26th to 29th june (tuesday-friday)
Preparation of the Report
FIELD TRIP: Queluz Palace and Sintra


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