Cork - New uses in Architecture / Natural Cork-Tradition


INSTITUTION Lisbon School of Architecture - University of Lisbon
LANGUAGE OF THE INTERNSHIP English (no Portuguese is required)
TYPE OF INTERNSHIP Full-Time opportunity
SESSION 2018 (June 28 – July 27)
AREAS OF STUDY Architecture, Design, Technologies/Materials, Arts and History of Architecture
DESIRED PROFILE Students pursuing a Bachelors or Master degree in Architecture, Urbanism, Design or Engineering

The workshop intends the establishment of an international workshop focussed on the use of cork material in architecture. It will provide an environment for researchers, architects, designers as well as those in the industry and other interested parties to meet and develop ideas and experiments using cork. In the future, it will be a platform for the internationalization of the use of cork as a building material. It runs in a three-year cycle, organized by themes, according to the type of materials/prototypes that are going to be tested or developed during each workshop. In this 2nd edition, this workshop will focus on the use of cork as a natural material.

The core program is composed of a course with 4,5 weeks extension (typically 12 ECTS credits, 144 contact hours). These will cover different fields of study in Architecture, Design, Technologies/Materials, Arts, History or related.

Registration Fee: 800 €



Manuel Couceiro, Cristina Veríssimo Alexandra Paio, Vasco Moreira Rato, Francisco Teixeira Bastos, Luis Gil, Hayley Johnson, Pedro Januário, Helen Morais, Eduardo Gonçalves, António Leitão, José Pedro Sousa, Jorge Saraiva and others

Reviewers / Guests

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