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DWELLING in MOTION - City Project and Migrations

DWELLING in MOTION - City Project and Migrations

International Summer School
DWELLING in MOTION - City Project and Migrations
30|08 > 10|09|2018 Alghero

The present human condition and the situations characterising it raise new challenges for the understanding of the transformations of urban spaces we live in. In order to recognize and cope with such processes and challenges it is necessary to work on an interdependent perspective. These latter points are vital to inquire into the effects of mass movements of peoples and cultures and explore the intertwined processes of urban transformations (such as permanence and movement, progress and regression, concentration of wealth and new forms of poverty, individualism and new solidarity, etc.) - that underlie the dynamics increasingly generating social inequality and spatial injustices, expulsions as well as New approaches to security.
The Summer School will focus on the implications of these tensions, on the planning, design strategies and actions while adopting an interdependent perspective that links cities with territories regarded as origin and destination of migrations. Specifically, the school will cope with planning and design challenges linked to the arrival of migrants in Europe. Students and local inhabitants and institutions will work side by side in order to transform situations of disorientation into possibilities of coexistence.
Architects, urban planners, anthropologists, sociologists, legal experts, economists and other experts, will discuss the relationship between cities and migrations, the many ways city life is changing in an era of migration and the multiple forms of belonging generated by both permanence and movement.

Partner Universities
Università di Sassari-Alghero, Università IUAV di Venezia, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Universitat de Girona, Universidade de Lisboa.
Other Partner Universities
Politecnico di Bari, Universidad de Sevilla, Université de Carthage.

The lab welcomes students of architecture and urban planning, phd students and young architects, urban planners, engineers and other students from other disciplines interested in the topic.
A maximum of 40 students will be accepted.

Applications are due 10th of August 2018.
Application form > https://goo.gl/tsMvH5

The participation at the workshop and the final seminar corresponds to 4 credits.

Participation fee
The participation fee is 100€ (50€ for the DADU’s students, free for the European Master “Planning and Policies for the City, Environment and Landscape”’s students) and covers the participation in all activities of the Summer School, and the teaching materials. Costs for lodging and meals are not included.

Silvia Serreli - serreli@uniss.it
Giovanni Maria Biddau - gmbiddau@uniss.it
Michele Valentino - michelevalentino@gmail.com

Facebook page: Summer School DIM “Dwelling In Motion - City Project and Migrations”


30 julho 2018


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