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Divulgamos a conferência do Professor Ulrich Lehmann, com o tema “Materialism and Fashion”, dia 10 de fevereiro, pelas 15h30, no auditório 22 da FA.

About the conference:

Fashion is the most materialist of industry, in promoting the constant consumption of new objects at ever increasing intervals - yet fashion has not been subject to any substantial materialist critique or analysis. This talk discusses the historical basis and contemporary approach to a materialism of fashion.

About the speaker:

Dr. Ulrich Lehmann, Associate Professor in Interdisciplinary Design and Arts from The New School in New York, is a cultural historian living in New York. He works across two areas of research: 1) European cultural history of the long nineteenth century (French Revolution to fin-de-siècle), in particular artisanal labour, its organisation and products; 2) modern design history and theory (1860 to today), especially the cross-over between fashion movements and other cultural expressions.

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