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Divulgamos também a conferência “Fashion in the Culture Industry”, do Professor Ulrich Lehmann, dia 13 de fevereiro, pelas 11h00, no Auditório Rainha Sonja da Noruega (CUBO) da FA.

About the conference:

The material bases for the production of contemporary art and contemporary fashion design have become aligned. Patterns of conception, production and distribution as well as modes of consumption today are almost congruent. A culture industry that aims to emulate economic structures of investment and capital speculation now determines the making and selling of new fashions as well as new art as part of a steady renewal of consumption. This talk presents examples for the close proximity between trends and movements in making and showing fashion design and art.

About the speaker:

Dr. Ulrich Lehmann, Associate Professor in Interdisciplinary Design and Arts from The New School in New York, is a cultural historian living in New York. He works across two areas of research: 1) European cultural history of the long nineteenth century (French Revolution to fin-de-siècle), in particular artisanal labour, its organisation and products; 2) modern design history and theory (1860 to today), especially the cross-over between fashion movements and other cultural expressions.

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