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Terá lugar no próximo dia 7 de novembro, pelas 11h30, no auditório Rainha Sonja da Noruega (CUBO), a conferência /aula aberta “A Arquitetura do Movimento: sequências espaciais, fronteiras e circulação”, pela Arquiteta Mónica Pacheco.

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Mónica Pacheco holds a Dipl. Arch. (FA-UTL, 2000), a MA Housing and Urbanism (Architectural Association, 2004) and a PhD in Architecture with the investigation "Genealogies of the grounds in architecture. Contributions for an archaeology of knowledge representation". Recently she joined the AA Visiting Teachers Programme (2015). She worked in architectural offices in Portugal and the Netherlands collaborating in projects such as the Institutsgebaude für Oper und Orchester in Graz, Ponte Parodi in Genoa (UnStudio), and Casa da Música in Oporto (OMA). She is Assistant Professor at the Department of Architecture and Urbanism of ISCTE-IUL in Lisbon since 2004, and has been invited for lectures, reviews, workshops and juris in Salerno, Antwerp (ADSL 2014-2016), Hasselt, Westminster, London (Bartlett-UCL), Boston (Northeastern). Among others. She has chaired sessions (in the past two years within the All Ireland Architecture Research Group) and published papers and book chapters on issues related to architectural education and representation such as "Theory by Design" (2012) and "Paper Cities" (2016). Member of DINÂMIA-CET, she participated in the international project "Housing for the biggest number: Lisbon, Luanda, Macau", in the organization of the international congress "Optimistic Suburbia" and coordinated the workshop and exhibition with the same name (2014-16). Currently she is part of the team enrolled in the research "Coast to Coast: late infrastructural development in former Portuguese Africa (Angola and Mozambique): Historical-critical analysis and post-colonial assessment". In 2016 she started developing an investigation as Visiting Research Fellow at the Bartlett-UCL (London) on the history of the Department of Development and Tropical Studies at the Architectural Association. Through the analysis of its heritage and transnational network of expertise in architectural education in the "global south", her research concerns a critical reading of the pre-established systems of knowledge transfer in postcolonial architecture.

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