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Danilo Venturi, diretor da Polimoda, ministrará uma Master Class na FA, a 14 de março, quarta-feira, às 15h, na Sala Rainha Sonja (Cubo). A sessão é intitulada “The Fashion Business Model: A three-dimensional strategic pattern to start-up a company and create value outside competition”.

Danilo Venturi, Director of Polimoda, is specialised in creative direction and brand architecture. Holding an academic background in politics and a Master in Luxury Management from Polimoda, Mr Venturi has developed an interdisciplinary career across music, e-commerce, retail concepts, luxury and writing, and indeed authored Luxury Hackers (2011) and Momenting the Memento (2014). He was the Head of the Business Department at Polimoda before assuming his current role in 2016.


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