Advanced Study Course in e-Planning


FA-UL's involvement in the e-Planning area results from its strategic vision of expanding the planning and urbanism contents into the smart city planning and design (SMART City) domains in the internet of things (IoT) era. Thus, it affirming its institutional intention to be at the forefront in the perspective of updating methods and tools in the face of the technological revolution introduced by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
This post-graduation in e-Planning integrates and completes the FA-UL’s strategic curricular offer of in the scientific transdisciplinary area of e-Planning, according to the unanimous decisions of the Scientific Board from October 16th, 2018 (to create a Master study in e-Planning – currently being prepared) and of March 20th, 2019 (to adhere to the joint Doctoral programme UL-UNL-UA in e-Planning).
The post-graduation/advanced study in e-Planning aims to meet the training needs in this domain, both in the private (corporate, entrepreneurial and social) and public universe (government, representative and sovereign bodies, national, regional and local public administration), with a more focused and specific nature, without the requirements and demand that comes with an academic degree.
Nevertheless, its design allows, besides the basic purpose of promoting continuous advanced and updated training, for graduates with this certification to obtain a curricular equivalence of the respective courses for credit purposes in the doctoral study in e-Planning. As such, this facilitates formative mobility, without prejudice to academic rigor.

The Doctoral Programme in e-Planning, for 2020-2021, is ongoing at FA-UL, FC-UL, FCT-UNL and UA.



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Necessary documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae – Professional/Academic;
  • Certificate of qualifications;
  • Motivation letter;
  • Photocopy of Citizen Card/Passport/Foreign Identity Card;
  • Photocopy of NIF [Tax Identification Number] (only for individuals who possess a Portuguese Fiscal Number);
  • Other documentation deemed relevant).

Application method:

Applications are done through an online platform.

Any problem should be reported to candidaturas@fa.ulisboa.pt

Publication and notification of results:

In the month following the end of the application phase, the list of candidates will be published on the Post-Graduation Secretariat portal, and all will be notified of the result by email..

The opening of the course is dependent on the number of people enrolled in the e-Planning area.

Doubts or questions:

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact us by telephone or via the email address candidaturas@fa.ulisboa.pt

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