Integrated Master in Architecture
specialization in Urbanism


The specialization in Urbanism enriches the Integrated Master in Architecture with a reinforced approach on issues of urban nature, contributing to the training of a professional capable of thinking the city as their object of study, having an active role not only in spatial planning, but also in the life, culture and challenges of living in the City. This specialization provides, this way, a broader training, becoming a differentiation and competitiveness factor in the national and international labour markets.

Global vision

The area of Urbanism at FA has been distinguished with the AESOP Quality Seal – Association of European Schools of Planning, being thus considered that it meets European standards of quality in its planning programmes, complemented by an effective internationalization of teaching and learning processes. Moreover, the Urbanism teaching staff develops several lines of research, with the involvement of students, reinforcing an advanced training that is internationally recognized.

Cities are an ever open project, permanently being imagined, concretized and reinvented. They are the result of small and large actions on behalf of all of us. They are physical constructions, but also expressions of culture, of conviviality, and of ways of living of a society. In that sense, it is up to architects and, in particular, to those with a specialized training in Urbanism, to tackle the challenge of designing the space, imagining and projecting the places we inhabit, work, learn, and socialize in.



The teaching staff of the Integrated Master in Architecture with Specialization in Urbanism includes professionals with a vast experience in project, as well as teachers from the other curricular areas present in this training that teach the specific contents to each curricular unit in an integrative perspective and articulated by a global view of the course and competences to be acquired.

The academic path is enriched by the regular offer of workshops, free courses, conferences with external guests, and multiple initiatives of connection to society, including protocols with municipalities and other entities.

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