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CIAUD colabora no 1st International Symposium & Workshop on Regeneration and Analysis of Spatial Strategies

CIAUD colabora no 1st International Symposium & Workshop on Regeneration and Analysis of Spatial Strategies

O CIAUD, em colaboração com The Institute of Culture, Art, Architecture of ACECR, participa na organização do 1st International Symposium & Workshop on Regeneration and Analysis of Spatial Strategies, que decorrerá nos próximos dias 22 e 23 de fevereiro, em Teerão. O simpósio contará com a participação dos Professores Fernando Moreira da Silva e Francisco Serdoura como keynote speakers.


Today’s world rapidly growth and developing in various sciences, is not making architecture and urbanism as an exception. Following this, in recent decades in the process of urban dynamics modeling and citizen’s behavioral study through the spatial analysis has rapidly developed. Considering the importance of urban and architectural phenomenon and activities, all of the plans, policies, and decisions of urban management not only affect the current condition but also will be affected in present and future process of developing and growth of the cities and human settlements. Indeed, any concern in all areas of these fields, namely in design, future modelling and policy making process will have great importance. Following that not only it will direct to the Macroeconomic savings, but also it makes it easier to deal with what has not yet happened for any easier planning, design and policymaking in more real vision and also more accessible ways. On the other hand, regeneration of the cities, namely the old fabrics, is one of the key issues that facing the city life in 21st. century. City cores which were some days a generator of the cities, the heart of everything in the past, loose their character through the time. New visions to the cities and their properties put more values on these valuable cultural, social, economic potentials of the human communities. Regarding the necessity of providing a proper context and more familiarity with the method of analysis also how to read the spatial properties of the cities, through the space syntax, for specialists, practitioners as well as researchers (professors and students) of Architecture and Urbanism in Iran and also in order to benefit from the experiences of individuals and experts from other countries; as well as Iranians , we try to look at this concepts and concern it in a practical local vision in collaboration with internal public and private sectors and research institute, as well as Center for Research in Architecture, Urbanism and Design (CIAUD) of Lisbon School of Architecture of Universidade de Lisboa, one of the leading research centers in Portugal. By this vision, the first international symposium and workshop on “Regeneration and Analysis of Spatial Strategies” will be held in Tehran in February 2020. Considering what mentioned, the Secretariat of this International Symposium with pleasure invites all the experts, specialists, students, researchers and scientists of the scientific institutes and R&D centers to participate in this scientific event.


14 fevereiro 2020


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