Bachelor in Design

The bachelor study in Design aims to provide a structured and consistent training based on a study plan that includes an integrated set of course units, coordinated by the groups of disciplinary areas from the Lisbon School of Architecture (Technologies, Social Sciences, Drawing and Visual Communication, and History and Theory).

Global vision
The study cycle is structured in six semesters, throughout which we promote a complementarity of disciplines, course units and their respective programmatic contents and exercises. The aims of the study are to provide a comprehensiveness of knowledge in the specific domain of Design and a ‘culture of doing’ that are adequate to both the continuation of specialization studies in the areas of Product and Service Design and Communication Design, as to an effective and qualitative professional practice.
Professional Outlets
Junior Designers ready to integrate product and service development teams that operate within the industry, in communication and advertisement companies, and in service companies that operate in regional and central organisms.
Teaching Staff
The teaching staff allocated to the Bachelor in Design includes professionals with a wide experience in project, as well as teachers from other disciplines that teach specific content in each course unit, using an integrating perspective that is articulated by a global vision about the study and its resulting competences.
The academic path is enriched by a regular offer of Workshops, Free Courses, Conferences with external guests and multiple initiatives that link to society, including protocols with city councils and other entities.

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