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Tuition Fees
1. Students from Portugal or a member state of the European Union

Tuition fees for the 2023/24 academic year:
To be published in due course.

Tuition fees for the 2022/23 academic year:
Annual tuition fee: €697
(According to the Table of school insurance and tuition fees for 2022/2023, prepared by Order No. 25/2022, of July 29, issued by the President of FA.ULisboa)
Payment structure: 10 monthly tuition installments. Upon registration, payment of the 1st installment, school insurance, and administrative expenses. The remaining installments are paid throughout the academic year.

2. International students

Definition of international student: established in Article 3 of Decreto-Lei nº. 62/2018, of August 6;
Tuition fees for the 2023/24 academic year:
Annual tuition fee: €7000
(As per Deliberation of the General Council of the University of Lisbon, of April 21, 2022)
Payment structure: Upon registration, the 1st installment is paid, corresponding to 30% of the total annual attendance fee (tuition fee) - €2100, plus administrative expenses and school insurance. The remaining ten installments will be paid throughout the school year.
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