Bachelor in Fashion Design


The first study cycle in Fashion Design is characterized by a pragmatic approach with a wide spectrum of theoretical and practical programmatic contents, which aim to answer the challenges and the needs of the current range of professional territories related to the fashion industry.

Global vision
Throughout the three curricular years, the interdisciplinarity of the programmatic contents is supported in wider umbrella concepts – namely, identity, function and materialization – which converge towards the development of the following competencies:
  • Understanding of historical, cultural and economic context of fashion and its possible intersections;
  • Establishing connections between theory and practice of fashion design;
  • Applying pragmatic methodologies/strategies in projects;
  • Strengthening the personal vision of the universe of fashion through the creation of concepts and their materialization in apparel, accessories, figurines and styling;
  • Capability of interrelation individually and in teams, and of work organization;
  • Capability of creation and communication of marketing strategies.
Professional Outlets
Junior Fashion Designers ready to integrate product development teams focused on the development of fashion and apparel products within the industry, in companies from the fashion sector, and in fashion communication.
Teaching Staff
The teaching staff allocated to the Bachelor in Fashion Design includes professionals with a wide experience in project, as well as teachers from other disciplines that teach specific content in each course unit, using an integrating perspective that is articulated by a global vision about the study and its resulting competences.
The academic path is enriched by a regular offer of Workshops, Free Courses, Conferences with external guests and multiple initiatives that link to society, including protocols with city councils and other entities.


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