Master in Interaction Design
In partnership with FBAUL

Interaction design contributes to the creation of products, services and systems, with which we interact intuitively and efficiently. It is interaction designers’ intention to create material and functional conditions for behaviour change in people, both in large and small scales.
The Master in Interaction Design results from a partnership between two schools of the University of Lisbon (Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Fine Arts).
It adds in this way multidisciplinary skills, corresponding to areas of knowledge which have been developed for several years in these Schools, through Laboratories and Research Centres.
Knowledge and research developed are now gathered to establish a distinct training and contribute to professional and research needs in this area of activity.
School hours: Day-time
Years: 2
Semesters: 4
Weeks per year: 28
classes take place at the Lisbon School of Architecture
This Master’s programme explores the boundaries between design methodologies, user-centred design and new technological developments as engines for creating high value-added products. It combines in an integrated way: design process, usability and user experience, associated with graphic communication, digital games, cognitive psychology, virtual reality, sensorization and neuroscience.
  • Use of tools for functional, cognitive, emotional and behavioural characterization of users. Combined with transposing ideas into tangible achievements, they will ensure students as key players in creating user-centred interactive objects and systems;
  • Advanced visual development for a broad set of products across several platforms (desktop, web and mobile);
  • Develop methods (research, scenarios, personas, sketching, prototyping, among others), supported by practice in layouts and images (drawings, schematics, illustrations, photographs), branding and diagrams;
  • Ability to involve people, through gamification mechanisms, implemented in digital systems.
Obtaining the degree of master
The course promotes project culture in a collaborative work environment and in research groups, over three semesters.
The fourth semester is fully dedicated to:
  • preparation of an individual, practical, theoretical or theoretical-practical research project under scientific guidance of a teacher or a specialist recognized by the Scientific Councils of schools organizing the degree;
  • completion of an internship to be supervised in a company or organization and scientifically advised by a teacher of one of the three schools.
Formative process ends with public presentation of the final document to obtain the degree of Master.
Professional oportunities
Interaction designer; User experience (UX) designer; User interface (UI) designer; Art director; Web designer; Mobile designer; Information Designer.
Teachers of the Master in Interaction Design reflect a diverse knowledge and experiences.
These teachers, qualified and specialized in the scientific areas of the Study Plan, continuously develop projects and research in the field of interaction.

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