Bachelor in General Studies (in partnership)
Minors in Architecture + Urbanism, Design and Fashion Design

This cycle of studies is unique in Portugal and gathers disciplines of the various schools, combining various disciplines that the student chooses, according to his/her interests. This degree allows a unique combination of Arts, Sciences and Humanities, preparing students to continue their studies in a specialized field or to enter directly in the labormarket.

The degree in General Studies offers complete and varied training that responds to a rapidly changing job market, where professions constantly appear and disappear and where the ability to have ideas and think outside the box is encouraged. It will be possible to work in activities as diverse as telecommunications, arts, information and communication, education and research.
Graduates in General Studies can continue their studies or access Master's and Doctorate programs offered by the eleven participating Schools.

Our Tutors: Maria Manuela da Fonte and Pedro Cortesão Monteiro
You can consult the course on the Faculty of Letters website for more information.

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