Master in Product Design

The Master study in Product Design aims to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and analytical, reflexive, problematization and ‘broad-band’ critical skills, within a framework of amplitude and multifunctionality that is able to address current needs from the professional fields of Product Design. The study also aims to develop and deepen the training of professionals capable to fulfil tasks in the domain of Product and Service Design, in several areas – Project, Design and Innovation Management, Education, Research and Cultural Action – encouraging productive thinking, recognition of opportunities in design, and entrepreneurship.
Global Vision
In an age in which innovation and excellency are favoured, the concepts of global design, sustainable design, inclusive design and strategic design are summoned, and the importance of inter- and multi-disciplinarity are recognized as a way of articulating real current dimensions with prospection of possibilities and the encounter with different cultures of knowing and doing. Branding is also summoned, characterizing, distinguishing and communicating about successful products and services, and the collaboration with different stakeholders who contribute towards proposals and visions of relevant products and services. In the post-industrial era, the project’s horizon is humanization without compromising biodiversity, or the well-being of the generations of today and tomorrow. More than knowing ‘what to project?’, designers must seek to critically answer the questions ‘for whom?’, ‘with whom?’, ‘for what?’ and/or ‘why?’.
Competences to acquire:
  • Advanced project competences in different scales and dimensions (conceptual, cultural, social, technological, productive, organizational);
  • Competences of coordination of disciplinary and multi-disciplinary teams (design consultancy / design entrepreneurship);
  • Research competences guided towards the development of a Master dissertation (Master final project, dissertation or internship).
Obtaining the degree of master
The study is developed throughout three semesters in which knowledge is deepened concerning representation and communication interfaces, and scientific, cultural and technological knowledge necessary for the idealization and rendering viable products and services. The fourth semester is entirely dedicated to the elaboration of an individual research project, which can be theoretical, practical, or a combination of both, under the scientific guidance of a teacher or a specialist that has been recognized by the Scientific Council of the FA; or the undertaking if an internship to be guided by a company or an organization and scientifically supervised by an FA teacher. The formative process culminates in the writing of a dissertation and its presentation and defence in public hearings, for obtaining the degree of Master.
Professional opportunities
Designer with competences to lead multi-disciplinary teams, being able to act in the areas of industry and/or services: freelancer designer; designer in design or architecture ateliers, advertisement agencies, industrial companies, industry sector organizations, service companies; designer for local or central public administration departments (municipalities); designer in cultural institutions (museums, cultural centres, etc.); designer for non-government organizations (NGO’s).
Teaching staff
The teaching staff allocated to the Master in Product Design includes professionals with a wide experience in project, as well as teachers from other disciplines that teach specific content in each course unit, using an integrating perspective that is articulated by a global vision about the study and its resulting competences.

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