Master in Fashion Design

The Master study in Fashion Design aims to develop a personal view of the world of fashion, by means of consolidation of knowledge and project, reflexive, creative and critical skills, within a framework of experimentation and versatility that is able to address current and expectable needs from the Fashion Design domains.
Global vision

Carrying on the objectives of cycle 1 of Fashion Design studies, we aim to develop and deepen the training of professionals that can perform tasks in different domains: design projects, concept creation, forecasting, draping, communication and visualization strategy, among others, encouraging productive thinking, the detection of opportunities, tendencies, values and entrepreneurship initiatives. The themes of fashion and design that are considered important in the scope of this master study are: concepts and tendencies, draping, surface drawing, textiles and textures; the development of collections; the updating of products and visualizations. The professional products explored throughout the study may be separates, coordinated pieces and collections, accessory design, research and inspiration portfolios, illustrations, photographic sessions and the presentation of concepts. The master study in Fashion Design thus promotes a project culture set in a collaborative atelier environment throughout three school semesters. In the last semester of the course it is expected that the student is able to develop his/her own individual talents and aptitudes.


Graduates in Design, or related areas, who wish to develop or deepen their training in subjects related to Fashion Design.


Obtaining the degree of Master
The course takes place in a project-based collaborative environment throughout three semesters, in which advanced competences in Fashion Design are developed in diverse scales, dimensions and possible applications (conceptual, cultural, social, technological, productive, organizational), as well as research competences oriented towards the development of a Master Final Project.


Professional Opportunities
The individual professional opportunities may include becoming an independent fashion designer, creating a fashion brand; an industry-based designer, working for a certain brand or atelier; or a fashion forecaster, assessing and studying future tendencies for the fashion industry. Styling, fashion editing and production, artistic and editorial direction are also included among other diverse possibilities.


Teaching Staff
The teaching staff of the Master in Fashion Design includes professionals with a vast experience in project, as well as teachers from the other curricular areas present in this training that teach the specific contents to each curricular unit in an integrative perspective and articulated by a global view of the course and competences to be acquired.

The academic path is enriched by the regular offer of workshops, free courses, conferences with external guests, and multiple initiatives of connection to society, including protocols with municipalities and other entities.

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