Integrated Master in Architecture
Specialization Profile in Interiors Architecture and Building Rehabilitation


The Integrated Master in Architecture with the specialization profile in Interior Architecture and Building Rehabilitation is a complete course in Architecture, recognized by the Portuguese Architects Association and by the European Directive 2005/36/CE.

It adds specific skills in terms of qualification and detail of built spaces and building rehabilitation, which could be decisive in the future success of integration into the job market.

The integration of this course in the Integrated Master in Architecture is in the final stages of approval by A3ES, maintaining the Specialization Profile in Interiors and Building Rehabilitation. It is expected that the integration of students in this Integrated Master will take place in 2023/2024.

Global vision
There are diversity factors in Architecture: objectives, differences in the scale at which it operates, the nature of the transformations it deals with, and the time that the transformations it realizes last in the natural and built environment.
In this master study we deal with values of light, textures, materiality, colours and detail, through the scenic and environmental dimension and ephemerality. Programmes like POP-UPs, services, but also museums, restaurants, entertainment or exhibition venues, etc. Interior Architecture does not exclude what emerges outside the inhabited ‘box’. However, now-a-days, Interiors focus on the reuse of spaces, dealing with the borders between spaces, with the margins, with the ‘in between’ and the unexpected spaces.
This specialization arises as a specific domain that benefits, redefines and qualifies new territories related to the definition and requalification of pre-existing spaces, be them architectural or urban, putting them through a metamorphosis and transfiguration by means of new understandings in a global vision that is broad and multiple of diverse disciplinary areas.
The Curricular Units of Project Laboratory (Laboratório de Projeto) of this specialization, with the same number of hours and credits as the main branch of the Integrated Master in Architecture, always require simulations in which there are built pre-existences, with their consequent analysis and validation, and the need to contextualize and dialogue between the new and what exists. The teachers of this Curricular Unit have a noteworthy professional curriculum in practice-based project, providing the students with a knowledge based on experience.
This specialization is destined to all that aim to acquire a training in Architecture that allows them the academic and professional recognition of an Integrated Master on Architecture, but that wish to complement their study through a closer relation with materials and the detail of architectural elements, and possess a sensibility toward aesthetic and cultural dialogue with pre-existent built spaces and structures.
Obtaining the degree of master
The Integrated Master in Architecture with Specialization in Interiors and Building Rehabilitation is a complete Architecture study, recognized by the Portuguese Architects Association and by the European Decree 2005/36/CE, with the same academic and professional recognition of the main branch of the integrated Master in Architecture. Upon the approval of the Master Final Assignment, the masters in architecture, with a specialization in Interiors and Building Rehabilitation, acquire the professional status of architects, and are able to exercise the actions of their profession in any area of activity.
Professional opportunities
With this specialization, we aim to provide a larger diversity in professional opportunities, adding to the area of Architecture, Interior Architecture, Rehabilitation and Ephemerous Architectures (exhibitions, commercial, non-permanent, etc.), always with special attention to knowledge and detail of materials and of the architectural elements that we deem fundamental for a qualified approach to the profession of Architect.
Teaching staff
The teaching staff of the Integrated Master in Architecture with Specialization in Interiors and Building Rehabilitation includes professionals with a vast experience in project, as well as teachers from the other curricular areas present in this training that teach the specific contents to each curricular unit in an integrative perspective and articulated by a global view of the course and competences to be acquired.
The academic path is enriched by the regular offer of workshops, free courses, conferences with external guests, and multiple initiatives of connection to society, including protocols with municipalities and other entities.

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